A few observations – 1) Bob Dylan has written rather a few great songs; 2) pretty much everyone and their mothers have covered a couple of them; and 3) just because you’ve managed to memorize the lyrics and can carry a tune doesn’t mean you can pull it off.

Few people will argue that Bob Dylan has what would be classified as a “good” voice, but many of us will argue that he is a great singer.  Great songs tell stories, reveal character, and exorcize demons – great singers communicate the underlying pathos.

Jimmy LaFave is a great singer.  And on Trail(s) Two & Three he surveys a variety of the Bard’s songs – some old stand-bys; others a little off the beaten path – as well as a few rock, country, and blues chestnuts.  Jimmy’s originals are liberally dispersed through both sets and offer ample evidence of his quality as a songwriter.

LaFave offers distinctive and insightful performances.  He’s an artist.  He don’t look back.   –Dean S., Silver Platters

1 Meet Me in the Morning
2 Secret Garden
3 Blues Power
4 Love Minus Zero No Limit
5 I'm Thinking of You
6 Sweetheart Like You
7 Blues In C Minor/Deep South 61 Delta Highway Blues
8 Long Ago With Miles Between
9 Dusty Old Fairgrounds
10 Mr. Tambourine Man
11 Rain Falling Down
12 The Weight/Rainy Day Women #12 & 35