Levi Parham is one of Oklahoma’s most interesting new voices.
The Bluegrass Situation

Levi Parham is an Americana musician, singer and songwriter from southeast Oklahoma. The Kansas City Star called him “An Okie version of Ray Lamontagne…” while The Bluegrass Situation said, “Perhaps it’s something in the water – that same iron-heavy tap drink that Woody Guthrie sipped on as a young man….Whatever it is, Levi Parham has it.”

Parham released his first album, An Okie Opera, in may 2013. Currentland Magazine named it one of the top Red Dirt Albums of the year along side Samantha Crain, The Red Dirt Rangers, and Jason Boland saying, ”Parham is a major talent. He has a soulful, ballsy voice. His Songwriting is filled with infectious hooks, and easy rolling rhythms. These are all love songs, evoking the full range of emotions that go along with it.” Ryan Heinsius, Editor of Flagstaff Live Magazine wrote, “A heartfelt piece of recorded Americana, raw and honest, showing off an up-and-coming songwriter molding a distinct and beautiful style.”

In December 2014, Parham released an EP titled Avalon Drive recorded in Nashville, TN to much appraise. “…highly stylized; subtle hand claps and flanging strat riffs act as an incredibly interesting foil to Parham’s roughed up singing voice.” wrote The Bluegrass Situation. Flagstaff Live raved, saying “Levi Parham shines as a dazzling mashup of radical down-stroke blues sung in the sultry vibrato of a terrestrial angel with perfectly groomed facial hair, his all-original tunes may remind Tom Petty enough of himself to ride those coat-tails.” CMT Edge featured the video for the first single off of the album Never Coming Home To Me, which garnered attention and set the momentum for Parham’s second video release, Ruby, featured on country music publication The Boot.

After touring the U.S. extensively throughout 2015, Parham signed with Music Road Records and recorded a full-length album at Cedar Creek Studios in Austin, TX, titled These American Blues. The full album is due to be released June 2016, with two singles being released in early June 2016.

These American Blues

Levi Parham
1 These American Blues
2 Ain't The Man To Tell You So
3 Steal Me
4 Wrong Way To Hold A Man
5 Gonna Be A Long Day
6 I'm Behind Ya
7 Held In High Regard
8 Waiting Game
9 Don't Care None
10 Chemical Train
11 Your Blue Eyes Give You Away
12 Central Time
13 Love Comes Around