“I’m no longer so naive about the record business that I don’t understand why someone this fabulous doesn’t sell millions of albums while mainstream mediocrities do. It still cheeses me off, though. Amid the morass of popular music, Jimmy LaFave stands out like a pint of Guinness in a bar full of Miller Lites.”

–– Eric Fidler – Associated Press

1 You'll Never Know
2 Hold On
3 Vast Stretches of a Broken Heart
4 Into Your Life
5 Ramblin' Sky
6 Home Sweet Oklahoma
7 Buckets of Rain
8 Long Ago With Miles Between
9 Long Time Since the Last Time
10 Never Put the Blame
11 The Open Space
12 You've Got the Right
13 The Big Wheels
14 Heart of a Woman
15 The Great Night